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Customer Testimonials

Personal Growth

My family (children aged 6, 9 and 11 and their parents) attended the NeurOptimal “gym for the brain” over the course of summer 2011. We experienced this as a gentle yet profound transformation. The emotional tone of our family has changed for the better: since the parents are able to be more relaxed (yet on top of things more of the time), the children intuitively respond in a positive way. In turn, because the children are more compliant (and joyful), it reinforces the parents’ confidence in their role and the hope that “things are going to be OK”. A kind of ‘virtuous circle’. Husband and wife are able to rediscover themselves and each other. Stressful situations do happen, but we get out of the frustration zone much quicker. A child with social and attention issues is now able to peacefully focus on homework and deal better with the stresses of daily life.

While I used to excessively worry about a number of things, parasite thoughts have now disappeared. As I see it, neurofeedback with NeurOptimal opened the gates of personal transformation, releasing the positive energy that had accumulated over years of trying to bring about change in my life.”

General Client

NeurOptimal® can profoundly shift the way we see ourselves in the world; our boundaries within our self and the outside world shift. We become very clear in what we want and do not want in our lives.”
P. H.

The NeurOptimal® sessions virtually eliminated symptoms! No fretting, worrying, irritability…I can’t adequately express how lovely that was! 🙂”  and
Had great results with my NeurOptimal® sessions this month: noticeable improvement in mood, energy and focus/concentration!


I’m quite impressed with the speed at which I see improvement in kids. I first started NeurOptimal® with my 10 years old son three years ago and saw amazing results after just five sessions. His grades showed a definite improvement, at last he could concentrate enough to read a book and he felt much calmer and more confident in school. He recently came to ME and asked for a tune up!

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