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Elizabeth Verge: How Brain Optimization Helped Me

All my life I have suffered from depression.  I was on medications from time to time but did not like the foggy brain that they brought on.

I couldn’t sleep and suffered from terrible migraines.  Some that lasted up to 7 days.  I would spend days in my dark bedroom waiting for the pain to subside.  Even when I wasn’t in pain I had a hard time concentrating, focusing or finishing a project. There was always something more interesting next door.

I used to think that all of this was normal.  I now know that it is not!

I no longer need to live a half-life and I’ll tell you how I solved these debilitating problems.

Two words:  Brain Optimization

I was having a chat with 2 of my sisters, one in Montreal and the other on Vancouver Island and our sister who lives out west is a health nut and always willing to try something new and alternative so we call her “Granola”. On one of our weekly three-way calls our granola sister told us about a new program that could release trauma without reliving it.  My ears perked up!  She went on to explain that through technology we can create new neural paths and become more balanced and harmonized in our lives.

As soon as the call finished, I was on the internet researching it.  At that time, there was a provider on Vancouver Island where my “granola” sister lived so I made an appointment with her and three weeks later I was a client.

After one week of brain optimization, I was calmer, my racing thoughts were no longer racing, my family noticed a huge difference in me, and best of all my husband was really happy with the new me!

The best result for me was getting out of my depression prison! The disease had kept me behind bars for most of my life, but now I was free.

I have been depression-free for 8 years now and never looked back.

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Children, teenagers, and adults can all suffer from ADHD. We can help you or your children with a range of ADHD issues including:

  • problems staying organized
  • not listening
  • acting out, anger
  • frustration
  • inability to plan or complete work tasks.
  • insomnia

Don’t let ADHD make your child’s life a nightmare. Stop it from affecting your career or relationships.

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Victims of violent crime, sexual assault, combat soldiers, emergency workers—can be traumatized by the magnitude and horror of the events they have been made to endure.

  • Brain Possibilities can help. Contact us now if you suffer from PTSD-related:
  • frustration
  • fear
  • anger
  • confusion
  • drug or alcohol abuse
  • insomnia

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Work Stress

The deadline is fast approaching, and you feel like you are on the razors edge. You have been sitting behind the monitor for hours and the final piece to the puzzle is still missing. You have quizzed yourself, done the research and asked all the right questions, but the answer still eludes you. What are you missing? Why can you not overcome the mental block?

Your story is one of many and we are here to help.


The mental block you are facing can be corrected. There is a part of your brain that is responsible for your decision making ability, your ability to recall, to create, and to execute. If you are unable to access that area of your brain then brain fog, confusion and the mental block sets in. Our technology gives you a way to train that area of your brain to focus, recall, assimilate and execute. By training with us, you give your Brain the ability to complete tasks creatively, intuitively and innovatively. Create your success story by training with us.

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