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Frequently Asked Questions

Why NeuroFeedback

Unlike other neurofeedback systems, NeurOptimal® is designed to focus on the Central Nervous System – the hub of all functions in the human body. Therefore, the specific type of problem, be it physical, mental or emotional, becomes less important. It is not surprising then, that users and trainers alike have experienced successful outcomes across a broad spectrum of complaints.

Our clients typically find neurofeedback systems effective in resolving issues in five general categories:

• Wellness and Personal Growth
• Slowing the Effects of Brain Aging
• Achieving an Artistic or Athletic Performance Edge
• Help with Specific Cognitive, Emotional, or Physical Challenges
• Enhancing Academic Performance

What are Brain Training sessions like?

You sit in an “anti-gravity” chair and relax while a technician places small sensors on your ears and scalp with a water soluble conductive paste. Wearing ear phones, you listen to music while watching a graphical display of the music (or you can close your eyes). During your session, you may to do some visualizations, enjoy the graphics on the screen or simply relax with your eyes closed. Brief pauses in the music will be noticed – this is the system giving feedback to your brain – the image will also change on the display. The pauses in the music are the primary feedback (which is why it’s fine to close your eyes).  A session will take approximately 35 minutes.

How does it work?

The Central Nervous System (CNS)— the brain and spinal cord — will do all the work. Your CNS takes in information (system feedback) and uses it to re-organize itself — with no conscious intervention required. It does this masterfully in the way that is right for you. That is why this state-of-the-art neurofeedback training is virtually side-effect free.

Since every CNS is unique, the type, order and pace of change is also unique to the individual. We’re training for increased flexibility and resilience. Most often, people first report the changes showing up in improved sleep, less stress and reactivity,

with other changes coming later. But your brain will do it in the order and at the pace that is right for you.

Because the CNS is utilizing the information it is given during the training in the way that is right for each person, changes in people’s lives usually take place quite seamlessly. Usually, your only job will be to notice in between sessions what is changing in your life.

Very occasionally, things that appear to be side-effects can happen but they are transient and usually just part of the change process. An example of a side effect might be feeling “spacey” for a short while after a session. Most people feel relaxed and calm after their training.


Does anything get fed into my brain?

The EEG cables (sensors) are “read only” and simply listen to the frequencies emanating from your brain. At no time is anything fed into the brain via these cables. You wear a headset (like the ear buds on an iPod) and listen to tones and frequencies that the computer generates based on your individual training.

Is it permanent or will I have to keep coming back for training?

Brain Training is permanent if you follow the advice of your practitioner. Normally it is best to receive all the training within a short period of time, rather than having long intervals between training sessions. Unlike training muscles, which atrophy after lack of use, the brain naturally seeks homeostasis (a balanced, stable condition), so after your sessions, the brain has been re-balanced. A bit like riding a bicycle –  once you have learned how,  it is easy to remember.

What can I expect after my brain training sessions?

How your brain responds is unique to each client. You may feel energized very quickly and feel more awake, bright and ready to take on the world with renewed enthusiasm. People with depression may feel like a weight has been lifted. Some people report increased focus and steady energy throughout the day, instead of requiring naps and frequent coffee breaks.

Results can vary. It depends on why you seek brain training. For example, clients with anxiety or anger issues usually feel results immediately and people around them quickly notice changes. Clients with less significant imbalances usually show more subtle results which are often noticed first by the people around them, like family members, friends, associates at work, etc. Benefits felt by most clients, regardless of the issues that brought them in are, sense of calmness, relaxation, reduced stress and anxiety, better sleep – and the list goes on.

Is this process effective to enhance performance, such as sports, academic performance and work productivity?

Yes, and in fact one of our clients success stories was a young primary school student who was labeled as “not likely to succeed academically” went from almost failing to excelling in high school and being loved by her teacher for her creativity! The technology is also used to increase and improve sports performance in all levels of athletes. As for work productivity, brain optimization decreases stress and fogginess therefore you increase your focus, concentration and achieve a more stress free work day.

What age must a person be to use this technology?

It works well for most people – whether one has major issues or behaviors that need improvement and change or one just wants to feel more relaxed, calm and clear-minded – it’s for a better life. Children as young as 6 years old to adults of all ages can take advantage of brain training. This is determined on a case by case basis and dependent upon the child and the parents.

Is this a magic pill that will cure what ails me?

Absolutely NOT.

Does electricity get processed into the brain or body?

Absolutely NOT. The technology generates sound-waves delivered through earphones that allow your brain to form new, balanced neural pathways.

Does it hurt?

No. The process is non-invasive – meaning, NO drugs, NO electricity into the brain or body, NO surgical procedures. It’s simply a form of bio-feedback that balances and harmonizes the brain which enhances the brain’s performance. There is nothing that can hurt you. In over 50 years of biofeedback and neurofeedback there hasn’t been a single reported incident. Many clients report that it is fun and relaxing.

Does it work for everyone?

Sometimes it does not. Not everything works for each individual. On the rare occasion, someone comes wanting to change something that just cannot be changed, or there may be life circumstances in the way of change that can’t be adjusted.

What’s required to get started?

If you are truly ready to make positive changes for your well being and a better life — the first step is to contact us and book your first session. That’s it!


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